A new deck around the pool, Peregian Beach

Our client had an old and deteriorated deck around their pool, which was becoming increasingly unstable and desperately needed to be replaced.

Sunshine Carpentry was contracted to renew the deck from the ground up using beautiful merbeau hardwood.

Project Details

  • Location: Peregian Beach
  • Budget: $7,500 - $15,000
  • Category: Decks and Patios
  • Time to complete: 2 weeks

Project Planning

A beautiful deck in your garden gives any home a luxury feel and look.

There are endless possibilities with regards to the type of decking you would like. From hardwood to treated pine and even composite materials there is a deck to suit your needs.

We can build a deck to the upper levels of a home on sloping block or if you need a decked area in your garden with a roof over it, we can help you with the design and take care of the process form start to finish. All you have to do is pull up your chair or lounge and start relaxing and enjoying your outdoor space.

If you would like to discuss your decking needs, please contact us!